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18 September 2007 @ 09:47 am
My Second Rave

February 17th, I believe. Kinetic II, Pacific Science Centre, Seattle, WA, 2007. Even on the day of it, we didn’t think we’d end up going; Zeke was sick as a dog And I was still a bit out of it. However, because Zeke could see how eager I was, hehe, we decided we’d go anyway and see how it went. So we went to Southcentre, saw Leilani and Brian for a while, had lunch with them, wandered around a mall for ages and then we did our own thing for a while and then we called Alex and Chris and they came and picked us up in a car park somewhere downtown, from what I remember. At least I think that’s what happened. Others might say different. Anyway, then we went and parked in an underground carpark and went up to a mall, where we ate Johnny Rocket’s – chilli fries and burgers and drinks – and were generally loud and rude and having lots of fun. And thennn we moped a bit about no one having any hook-ups for the party; Alex was getting HEAPS sulky, silly thing. So we all got back in the car and we drove to the Pacific Science Museum/Centre/thingo. And it was absolutely FREEZING. I was wearing my pink chucks, my black skirt, a black singlet top and my pale blue jacket. So we walked around trying to find the entrance; ran into two kandi kids wearing verrry cool outfits, so we all wandered round trying to get in; finally found the entrance, and had to leave Chris and Alex there – we had VIP tickets, theirs were normal ones. Andandand Jimni Cricket was in the line! She’s so tiny, heehee, and she had such a great outfit on – purply fairy wings, pink bobbly butterfly antennae, orange/blue/green/yellow clothes, blue hair…yup. Anyway, so we got in, and got our goodybags of free stuff :D and I almost had a heart attack when I realised that neither of us had brought my ID – but security were like, myeh, you look older than 16, head on in, just don’t drink anything. And they didn’t even search anyone! Hehe, unbelievable.

Right. So. We got in and started looking. First room was verrry psytrancey tribally whoah, and it was the dinosaur room, hehe. And from there you get to the centre room (HUGE) of the museum, which was kind of almost clubby music; off that room, to the left, was another huge room with cool tranciness – and the BUTTERFLY ROOM! heehee. And then off the main room to the right was a room with a door to the outside, the smoking area, and then down the stairs from that room was the most awesome room :D We met Alex and Chris near the bubblers I kept going to later on, I think, or maybe they went straight to the smoking area, I don’t remember. For a while we stood downstairs, Zeke danced a bit, Chris got his glowsticks out, I tried my best at a figure eight, lulz. Anyway, we’d been there for quite a while when we decided we should try and find a hook up. So I was like, hey, I’m positive I saw Chex back there, with black hair now, so we went on a hunt, and finally found her in the smoking area with a few other peeps, and I think a policeman, hehe. So we waited a while, and then I chilled with Alex and Chris while Zeke talked to Chex, and then we all went back inside. Don’t remember clearly right after this, but what I do remember is us sitting on a seat next to the wall downstairs and seeing a guy in a big fuzzy hat come up and be like, hey guys, was it you who was with Chex just now? (Zeke begs to differ - he insists that the guy said nothing about Chex, because Chex had not in fact gotten us a hook up, this guy was totally unrelated. He's probably right. =P) Then he sat down with us, rather indiscreetly pulled the pills out, checked them out with Chris’ glowsticks - ?! Subtle, yeah! Got paid by Zeke ($15 each), then he left. Chris took his and Alex’s, they held hands and went to the loo, heehee. Zeke and I, on the other hand, were well heaps 1337 – he put both ours in his mouth, and then we made out, we swallowed them – all done, hehe. Tasted AWFULLY bitter. Alex and Chris were excited about how subtle we were about it all, hehehe. And thennnnn…we went upstairs to the big emptyish trance room and sat by the wall; I think Chris and Alex danced a little. Zeke had said it could kick in anywhere between ½ hr and 1½ hrs; I think it hit us both at about 45 minutes? Yeah.

Coolest fucking feeling in the world. Honest to God. It’s been that long, I can’t even describe how it feels physically – it’s just amazing. You get this feeling that it just doesn’t matter; there’s no pressure, no problems, no concerns; you have no inhibitions. And it’s triply fantastic because you can remember it all afterwards! n_n Well, my memories are actually sort of…uhh…dim, cloudy, smudged, blurred, fuzzy, something like that. Zeke was saying something the other day about “Don’t you remember how big my pupils got?” and I was like, hahaha, uhh, nope. Not at all. :P Yeah, Zeke and I made out a bit. Well, see, to me it feels like a lot, maybe because it was so fucking amazing (Zeke was like, Emma, stop being so suss, you’re MELTING every time we kiss! :P), but I know Zeke wanted to kiss and cuddle more. But…well, from the moment it hit me, I was like, OMG – I WANT TO DANCE. NOW. DANCEDANCEDANCE!!! heehee. The energy and stamina it gives you are just amazing. I danced for, what, at least 3 hours straight, if not more. Poor Zeke, he was absolutely exhausted, and all I wanted to do was dance, lulz. I need to be a much more considerate raver girlfriend next time. Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering – I dance like an

Srsly, it was sooooo bad. But it felt so fantastic! Ooh, you know what else feels fantastic? Dancing in front of the speakers, hehehe. My mouth got heaps dry often, but I drank small amounts of water each time (on the first bubbler crawl, the woman behind me was like, “Don’t drink too much too fast, sweetie, you’ll hurt yourself!” I didn’t turn around, but she sounded like a Walt Disney princess :P). I remember Chris and Alex having fun by the bubblers downstairs. I think they were fake-battling. I remember feeling worried that they’d hurt each other – actually, no, it was more about them feeling negative feelings towards each other…teeheehee. Anyway – I was fine, I got my water. Alex was dancing like an absolute champ – he danced around me in a circle at one point; totally mocking me, of course, but I was clueless! lulz. Oh! And we got a lightshow from Beniah :D SO GOOD! It felt like it went on for at least 15 minutes, I swear I had either a massively stupefied look or a really enormous grin on my face the whole time, heehee. God, dancing was SO FUN. Do you know what it’s like to just not care if people are watching or judging you? To not constantly be thinking, ‘ooh, am I doing this right, how can I do it better, is my outfit alright, my hair is sweaty and stuck to my head, my feet hurt, oww, he poked me - none of that!!! Just DANCING! Just the music driving you on and on and on. It’s fantastic. And speaking of music…I suddenly heard this backbeat and countermelody that sounded heaps familiar…then I looked at Alex, and then to Zeke – because OMG it was “Everything, Everything” by Pearl’s Girl! I went NUTS. I actually have no idea what I did physically – I think I might’ve said, ‘Oh my God, it’s…’ and then drifted off in bliss, heehee. But in my MIND, I went beserk. Funny thing is, I didn’t even love the song before that :P Now, however, it holds a heck special place in my techno heart  Oh – the Flashbulb is the coolest DJ ever. He played guitar while spinning!! So cool. And crazy stilt people and clowns eating swords and stepping on nail-covered ladders were pretty cool, too, but I only really saw them before we rolled. Oh! And we went in the butterfly room early on, too, that was fun! So. What else. We went in the emptyish room again for a bit, up in the back corner (where some girls had been sitting before, holding revolving glowsticks right ON their closed eyelids and looking like they were about to orgasm :P). Haha, I have Chris and Alex a lightshow – started well by accidentally lobbing a glowstick past Chris’ head, heehee, oops – but after that it was fun. Ooh, one of the funniest things from that night: We kept going outside for fresh air and for the others to smoke (I was lovely and toasty warm by then, of course), and at one point we sat down on a bench and watched another guy break the bench in front of us (a stone bench!!! We had a quick discussion about how e makes you strong, hehe) and get carted off by security, hehe. And then Chris was like, “Man, I’m just going to say it – I love you guys.” And Zeke was like, “Oh, hell, I love you guys too.” And then we all hugged and iloveyoued. And THEn I was just sitting and listening to them talk about different things, and I looked up at the Seattle Space Needle, all lit up against the purple sky, And Alex was like, “Hey, Emma, you feeling okay?” with this big grin on his face, and I was like, “The Space Needle is SO PRETTY!” and Chris was like, “That’s because it’s Seattle’s penis.” *rofl!* Oh my God – if my face/body had been functioning properly, I’d’ve been cacking myself laughing, heeheehee. And THEN Chris was saying something about the movie Snakes On A Plane, and he was like, “Hey – SNAPES On A Plane, SLYTHERIN to a theatre near you!” And I just absolutely died of the puntasticness. :P lol at me much?

So, at 4 on the dot, we left, because that’s when the permit lasted till. We wandered out – almost right in front of a bunch of policeman, heehee, oops – and got back to the car. I just couldn’t stop raving about…uhh…the rave. *facepalm* We were all just walking along saying how much of an awesomely fantastic time we’d had. We got back to the car, and then…I’m not too sure, I think we picked Eron up from somewhere? And I remember her getting in and everyone being like, don’t mind Emma, she’s high. *lmao* I spent a lot of the car trip sitting there twisting my hands together – it just felt so cool! heehee. We went to Beth’s then; I drank about four very sugary coffees, and half of Alex’s Coke, and ate on bite of whatever breakfastiness I had ordered before feeling very ill. So odd – I swear, I was starving, but the food had the most awful taste and texture, exactly like cardboard, heehee. And thennn we went to a supermarket for err…beer maybe? Then we went back to Eron’s. Skulled a beer and a half, everyone drank too much – trying to stupefy ourselves so we’d skip the comedown :P Highlights of the evening: In reference to the South Park episode on TV - “Look at their eyebrows! Why is everyone on this show so angry?!” In reference to Rugrats, also on TV – “Are the colours on Rugrats always this bright?! Look at Chuckie’s hair!” And in reference to Eron’s painting – “That tree is soooo weird! Look at it – it has two trunks! WHY does it have two?!” Yup. I got some good quotes that night, hehe. Me, Zeke and Alex went in the sofa bed, Chris and Eron took her bed. I woke up after only a few hours sleep, and kind of woke Alex up too; then we slept again and woke up again and decided we were hungry and thirsty, so we left the others asleep and chatted while drinking iced tea and eating half a tub of ice cream :P Teeheehee. I think that about covers it. The details, anyway. It was the most fun I’ve ever had. By far. Oh em gee.
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